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CoolStart faucets help you find the right twist to save energy

hansgrohe CoolStart faucets are eco-friendly, only running cold water in the handle center position – whereas with standard faucets, energy is consumed immediately. With CoolStart technology, your plumbing doesn’t get filled with unneeded hot water. The result: fewer resources, CO2 emissions, and costs. Good for the environment and your wallet!

Save energy at home with hansgrohe CoolStart.
In the center handle position, hansgrohe CoolStart faucets only run cold water. Hot water only flows when you want it to. To do so, simply turn the lever to the left.

How to reduce your hot water costs day in, day out 

Where can we save energy, how do we send less CO2 into the atmosphere, what can we do to combat climate change? These questions are on everyone’s mind. The best place to look for answers is in the energy consumers in our homes that we use several times a day, like lavatory faucets. The hansgrohe CoolStart principle is as simple as it is ingenious: With these faucets, warm or hot water only flows when you really need it. You only call up the necessary energy when you actively move the handle to the left.

CoolStart: Saving energy at home is easy

Standard faucets work differently: The continuous flow heater, circulating pump, and other water heaters already start up when you press the lever in the home position. But we don’t always need hot water, do we? When it comes to having a drink, washing our hands, watering flowers, or getting some cleaning done, cold water is often enough. That’s exactly the trick: CoolStart faucets only heat water when you see a need. You alone decide how high the temperature should be – however many times a day. Typical hansgrohe: with an economical CoolStart faucet, you can enjoy full convenience and beautiful design.

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Save energy at home and enjoy beautiful design

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